Mojo Mothership’s musical celebrations are ignited by a sincere reverence for their musical roots. Blues, rock and roll, funk and soul are core ingredients for their original ‘Funky Southern Fried Blues” sound. 

The Mothership's journey began about an hour west of Washington, DC in the town of Winchester, VA, during 2012. While gathered around the dinner table of Martin Abramo (harp and vocals) and Cindy Abramo (percussion and vocals), they and their close friend singer/guitarist Eddie Gumm decided to combine their singing and musical talents. Their friendship and unique talents provided the foundation of what has become a very special musical force. 

Authentic, passionately played music rooted in the blues defined their motives. In no time at all, the trio expanded adding bassist Paul Schmitz to 

their lineup. Drummers, keyboardists and guitarists came and went as the band explored the musical landscape and the musicians of their local scene. 

Eventually the group connected with a guitarist named Tim Farris who shared a passion for their musical direction. That was followed by adding drummer Don Capps to the rhythm section, and then most recently, newest member - Tom DeMay on keyboards. 

Together these players provide a wonderful melting pot of hearty, soulful, funky, rockin’ blues that is definitely one-of-a-kind. Whether they are steamrolling their way through one of their own creations or paying tribute to their musical heroes, Mojo Mothership serves up a mouthwatering musical journey.