About Us Here at Bird Dog

As stated on our home page, a major portion of Bird Dog Records
is all about offering a helping hand to aspiring talent. 
Bird Dog
Records allows you to stay Independent, and or start you out
with an Incubator Label Plan. 
Production and Engineering teams 
at Bird Dog Records get you started demonstrating
song-craft utilization  throughout the world.

Who Is Bird Dog Records

Bird Dog Records has over 130 combined years of experience in
songwriting, crafting, production and Engineering, recording,
marketing and distribution comin' at-cha'!

Several of the team mates at Bird Dog Records have performed
with and written for Gold Record bands nationally and
internationally. Bird Dog Records exists to fill a void in the
World of Web related music marketing, distribution and sales, 
record and song download sales. In order for individual bands
or solo artists to achieve success in getting their music in front
of the world on the web, many savvy networked alliances in the
multi-faceted music industry have first to be made. These
alliances and networked distribution arrangements have been 
established by BDR and working for many years.