Gary Ackerman

Mr. Ackerman started playing alongside 
and with many National and
Internationally top chart hit makers,
such as The Bryan Fairchild Band,
JR Blacker, The Max Tyler Band
(voted 'Best of Boston') with their hit
single "Lonely Days In Paradise"
(written by Gary Ackerman), and the
Acoustic Duo;Ackerman/Visnaskas.

Gary Ackerman wrote most of the music
those bands performed. In April of 2010,
Gary Ackerman released a CD called
'Remix.' This solo CD featured the hit
single  'Hit The Road.' (Can be played below).
Two of the more meaningful and very
personal songs on this release are called
'Eulogy', a song written about the loss 
of a loved one (his Mom) from a terminal
illness, and 'Sepositas Animus, (meaning
distant soul) a 22 minute symphony written
about grieving the loss of a loved one.
The song Eulogy and the entire album
were showcased on many e-commerce music
sites throughout the world such as iTunes,
Amazon, Rhapsody, etc., Bird Dog Records
the record label that Mr. Ackerman records
The Johns Hopkins - The James
Buchanan Brady Urological Institute's
Web Site is selling the CD as a fund raising tool. 
The newest CD that Mr. Ackerman has
produced 14 songs and written 7 of the songs on is titled Ol' Coots - Roots. 
A Collaboration of songs with Mr. Boo Snider part of the namesake Ol' Coots.
You may also purchase that CD here
on this site or some 128 plus e-commerce
websites throughout the world including
iTunes,, Rhapsody and the like.