AMANDA WILKINS  debut Album entitled THE GREAT DIVIDE is the culmination of an 8 year undertaking that includes the writing and musical skill-sets of late husband Ricky Wilkins - keyboards and vocals, Dwight 'Doc' Shelton - guitars and vocals, Wayne Lantham - fiddle, Brian Martin - bass guitar, Sam Stilwell - drums/percussion, and the magic of Amanda Wilkins beautiful vocals.


Stay in touch for Amanda Wilkins Newest Album is in process of being completed. Amanda's new band The Amanda Wilkins Band consists of Sam Stilwell on percussion, Brian Martin on Bass, and Jimmy Cherry on stringed instruments, and of course Amanda Wilkins - Vocals. The name of the album has yet to be decided, but below are samples of some of her new songs. The songs can be purchased for download by clicking on the price, and checkout from there.


Amanda Wilkins New Album - Coming Soon