Kevin Visnaskas

Kevin Visnaskas is what you would call a "hired gun." His guitar playing skills are very seldom matched within the guitar playing community. Kevin is known for his versatility and creativity, from lighning licks to sweet soft melodic phrasing. Above Kevin is playing with his house band Eastwood Peak. Kevin has had an incredibly long and envious career playing with and alongside some of the greats in the music business. Notably, Kevin has had a long term friendship playing alongside J. Geils in BluesTime.

Kevin also has had a long term friendship with Gary Ackerman. They have recorded 3 albums together with the Max Tyler Band, The GMAN Band, and as Ackerman-Visnaskas. Their latest work together was for the Ol' Coots project 'Roots,' inwhich they co-wrote the song 'Sarah' and played complementary acoustic guitars in 5 other songs on the CD.