Always a song and dance girl, Sally Mae Foster has been stealing hearts and taking names since her early childhood.  As a youngster, little Sally Mae was singing herself to sleep and through play before she could even speak.  As she delved into early music lessons her love of song only deepened and drew her into the craft of composing songs to perform herself. 

Throughout college and early adulthood Ms. Foster could be found taking the stage and no prisoners except her willing, able and beloved audience. And it’s easy to see why as she joyfully shares her own particular blend of a throwback styled folk-soul sound that is catchy, uplifting and danceable. She bounces around on guitar with a distinct fingerpicking technique while she rings out wild, winning vocals and bright, bold harmonica. 

A one woman show that often invites friends to join in the fun, Sally Mae Foster has been charming audiences with her antics for over a decade.  In early 2017 Sally Mae launched her own independently produced and pressed album, Music Box. The album tour was well received throughout the Shenandoah Valley, Maryland, West Virginia and D.C.  And now all her fans are thrilled to see her adventure continue through a contract with Bird Dog Records! A second album, Reckless Heart, will soon follow on the successes of the first.